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Temporary Maxzone Phone number: 909-251-0699 Maxzone has been experiencing phone issues for the past few days. Calls are not being routed to our numbers properly. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.
While our service provider is working a resolution, we have registered a temporary phone number for your convenience. To reach your Maxzone representative, please call 909-251-0699 and the extension of the person you wish to reach. All the extension numbers remain unchanged.
We’ll notify you immediately as soon as phone services are back to normal.
Thank you very much for your understanding!

Reintroduction of the Parts Act DEPO/Maxzone supports Parts Act and competition in the collision repair parts market, which is good for consumers, businesses and US economy. The bills strike a balance between protecting intellectual property and avoiding car company monopoly in the industry.  Read more details and support the bill here.

Market Research - Rear View Mirrors Aftermarket Business World conducted a Collision Shop Study to better understand repairers' buying behaviors. Maxzone sponsored the study, and here are some insights about how shops purchase rear view mirrors. Parts availability is their primary concern for using specific suppliers.

Maxzone Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Maxzone is proud to announce its full certification of ISO 9001:2008 standard which has helped Maxzone take a giant step forward on operations efficiency, standardization and accountability. Now our quality system can go hand-in-hand with the quality products from DEPO to deliver a complete package to our valued customers who can expect even better services from Maxzone, said Polo Hsu, the President of Maxzone. Maxzone plans to expand ISO criteria to include its branches in NJ, GA and IL within the next several months to standardize all procedures and operations within the company. 

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New LED tail lamp for FR-S/86/BRZ Maxzone is proud to introduce the LED tail lamp, D12-1906P-AS, for FR-S/86/BRZ. The lamp was co-developed by DEPO and Tom's, and it created big buzz when it debuted in Tokyo Auto Salon. D12-1906P-AS will be available in the end of August. Please see more details and updates on our Facebook.